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Welcome to the new Inside Evaluator Brands website. We wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about the changes that have taken place and give you an idea of where we are headed as a company. 


Once upon a time

In the summer of 2007, we started the original company, Inside Hospitality; focused exclusively on restaurants and hospitality markets. It grew steady over the first 16 months and was lead by some of the brightest minds in the hospitality industry. Our industry expertise, collectively, encompasses over 450 years of hands on experience. Our reach grew and slowly we began to work with different verticals: beverage industry, petroleum, technology, and specialized research. As we have diversified, we have become experts in research and reporting on service metrics.



FINAL_IE_PNGWhat we do & who we are. In our own words.  Click here to watch 


A radical new idea is conceived 

In early 2014 we collectively decided to change our name in order to capture what we do.  Inside Evaluator Brands, the parent company, now directs several brands. Each brand is extensively industry specialized with Client and Shopper support services available 24/7/365. It has a worldwide reach that spans all 50 states and 40 countries; our experience, value and dedication is unmatched.

Our core strengths are, and will always be, service and procedural measurement- through on-site audits and custom research solutions.


Mystery Shopping and data collection is broken. We are here to fix that. 

Cutting edge technology and data collection methodologies, world class client support, and a true client partnership. Market innovation starts today.

The mystery shopping industry is broken and is operating about 10+ years behind the times and needs to become more accessible to every business owner. Quotes, RFPs, generic and useless shop forms, inexperienced companies are the norm.  We are set out to change that. An on-demand model is needed, Mystery Shopping as a Service (MSaaS). Ability to order service anytime, clear transparent pricing, preferred shop time and date or same day service, and no charge customizations should be the standard. Data collection and mystery shopping rethought and redesigned from the ground up.

Inside Evaluators has invested both an incredible amount of time and resources on the backend infrastructure to provide the most detailed evaluations in the industry. We invite you to check out all of our industry brands or contact us for a quick custom overview. We are available 24/7 and client partner support staff is standing by.


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